Any coach can make you sweat, but not every coach can make you better. That’s where we come in with our group fitness classes in Windsor.




Health and Fitness Can be Intimidating

Have an Injury, fear of failure, or confusion about where to start? You need a fitness program that works for you. One that helps you burn off what holds you back – both in and out of the gym.

Witness The Difference With UFit’s Coaching Philosophy

Here at uFit we focus on every aspect of your journey and break things down into bitesize points so you never feel lost, overwhelmed or frustrated when it comes to dieting, training and trying to get in better shape.

One Awesome Team, So Many Reasons to Get Started

Ready to meet a team that has your health, goals and happiness in their sights? We’re focused on helping you to make those big positive changes that will transform your life in so many ways.


Get closer to your goals with our tailored programmes, fun community and flexible schedules.

Team Training

Every person should have access to high level coaching. We guide you to build confidence every single day. We make you better day by day and that starts with our team training. We base this on our metabolic resistance training method in groups of 16 to empower you to change the story of your life, together.

Small Groups

Our small groups were born out of our members desire to focus more on strength, performance and building lean muscle in a way that was affordable. With our team training focusing on the conditioning and fat loss aspects of our clients, our small groups focus on getting our clients stronger with added barbells and exercises that build lean muscle mass.

Semi Private Training

Semi Private is a level up from Team Training. Here we focus on strength, performance and building lean body mass. This isn’t just a workout, but an experience and a way to build confidence in your physique by working not only on your training, but your diet and lifestyle too.

Getting Started With Us Is Easy…

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Experience what it is that sets us apart and what will make you love working out with us.

Create Your Roadmap

We’ll then create a nutrition and fitness journey that takes into account your goals, your lifestyle and your needs.

Get Set For Success

Now you have all the tools you need for success, it’s time to enjoy working out with us and discovering a new fitter, healthier and happier YOU.

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Results That Speak For Themselves

Our client's success is our success. Here are some of the achievements we’ve celebrated with our community.

Take a 30 Day Trial and Discover What’s Been Holding You Back

Take a 30 Day Trial and experience what it is that sets us apart and what will make you love working out with us.