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We’re delighted to announce we are now stocking Puresport products in our studio to enhance, develop and improve YOUR recovery, results, and overall wellness.

Puresport is the leading wellness brand in the UK, that’s innovating the way we perceive health and wellness and after chatting to Grayson, we’re incredibly excited to be a part of their journey.

Here’s what they say … 👇👇

Puresport was created to craft the finest, premium-quality natural products to support every element of wellbeing, from pain & recovery, to sleep, focus, mood, stress, and balance.

Founded by an ex-professional athlete, Grayson Hart, Puresport noticed the modern world’s reliance on a quick-fix mentality, neglecting the power of natural products to support long-term health. Providing an alternative to this lifestyle, Puresport created the world’s most tested and trusted CBD, along with a range of nootropic and adaptogenic supplements to form a wellbeing ecosystem of expertly balanced natural products.

Our wellbeing is a journey; we believe in small, sustainable steps, creating life-long benefits. We want to be well now, and forever, and we want you to join us.

Currently, at our studio we have the following products:

  • Muscle & Joint Balm
  • Turmeric & CBD Capsules
  • CBD Unwind Oil
  • Female Balance Capsules
  • CBD Oil Tincture

Each one serves a purpose to promote recovery, improve overall health, and many markers of our quality of life we often overlook such as our mood, energy, anxiety levels, and our pain to name a few.

We’re always looking at ways to innovate and enhance what we do, and Puresport is revolutionizing the way people recover and improve their health.

They’ve been featured across a range of news outlets, have recently been featured in The Evening Standard, GQ, Forbes, Entrepreneur amongst others and Men’s Health recently called their CBD oil the best for pain relief.

We’re fortunate to be raffling off over £300 worth of stock on the 26th and I’m excited to see where this partnership goes. At one point in the future, they will be down delivering a wellness talk, workout, and get-together which is yet to be arranged. 🙏👊

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