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Is it bootcamp? boot camp? Who knows… But what I do know is that we’re not one of them.

We used to be though.

Back in the days of 2013 or so. This was us.

And whilst the above brings back tremendous joy and wicked memories, I also realise we’ve come so far since then.

See, we had the banter, the atmosphere and the camaraderie.

But we didn’t have the expert high level coaching that we now have.

This above reminds me of bootcamp. Random workouts, crammed sessions and limited space where we done what we could in 45 minute workouts. Did it work? Absolutely? But were people complaining of knee pain, or lower back pain from too many burpees? Most definitely.

So I’ve spent the last couple of years really honing my craft as a coach. Beginning to take my role more serious as a leader and a coach that focuses on what the individual needs.

I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge and insight from some of the worlds best leaders across in conditioning, mobility, nutrition, pain free performance and more. It’s been a hell of a journey and it’s allowed me to really hone in on what sets us apart.

uFit not only focuses on workouts, which are divided into 3 categories, but also on 3 further pillars we feel is vital for long term, deep health.

Mindset – Our philosophy isn’t All or Nothing, but always something.

Training – Focused on strength, mobility and conditioning.

Nutrition – A lifestyle that balances what you enjoy with your goals in mind.

Recovery – Which focuses on stress and sleep management amongst other things

These all work to promote optimal health.

And it’s not something other £5 classes focus on. Sure, they may have a whatsapp group or give you a few recipes but beyond that there’s no focus on behavioural change or the long term health.

It’s results now, with random workouts and dangerous exercises that’ll cripple you in a couple of weeks.

How do I know this? Because that was us. See, we thought we were doing right by our clients but it wasn’t until last year after countless hours of courses and studying had I really begun to understand what was missing.

That personal approach to group fitness.

Coaching is personal, at least it should be.

We’re all different. Built differently. Different lifestyles, environment, work, health, diet, posture and goals so why should you be bundled into a workout that’s the same as everyone else?

Those goals mean we need to train a little differently too.

Want to work on your mobility and overall strength? Lose a couple of pounds or improve your stamina?

That all requires slightly different programming. And that’s where our workouts come into effect.

Density – Strength focused

Intervals – Conditioning, stamina focused with a focus on your different energy systems

Hurricanes – High level strongman, athlete focused workouts – Not for the faint hearted

You know how when you rock up to a bootcamp you just dive into a workout and try it out? Yeah, we don’t do that. We want to get to know you first, goals, aspirations and desires so we can prescribe what we feel would be best for you moving forward.

For some that may mean an emphasis on Density workouts, for others perhaps it’s intervals. We just need to get to know you first before we decide the best course of action.

What we’ve found though is a pretty sweet spot

  • 2 Strength
  • 2 Intervals
  • 1 Mobility (a couple of these are programmed per week)

And this takes your level of conditioning up to a different level without the risk of fatigue or injury. For us, we want to work with you closely, in this facility..

You can grab a 30 day trial by hitting this link and entering your details:

30 Day Trial

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