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Did you know you get rewarded for passing on a referral that signs up for our 30-day trial?

And that reward is £50 OFF next month.

All you need to do is pass on this link to your friend/colleague/family member.

Once they talk to us and are ready to sign up, you just need to pass on your referral code which can be found on the TeamUp Members App under ‘Profile’.

It’ll look something like this:

Once they sign up and go through the process they’ll be asked to enter their referral code, aka this one and you’ll receive your £50 discount the next month.

Alternatively, you can just select the referral code in the app and you can then share the link with your friend without them having to contact us. With this option, they’ll just have to purchase the 30 days before they speak to us. For this reason, it’s best to pass on the code so we can speak to them before they sign up to make sure we can help them 🙂

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