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The Play-Offs are our quarterly fitness tests that all of our members take to measure progress through cardiovascular fitness, strength, and muscle endurance.

Each exercise focuses on different aspects of one’s health, with tier systems for each exercise determining individual standards for that particular exercise to strive towards.

Complete the Play Offs in pairs. It’s best that way as it allows for one to rest and count scores whilst the other one works. Encourage and support your partner as they work through the exercise. They’re going to need to be pushed to perform so encourage as much as you can.

So What Do The Play-Offs Entail?

** Since this video we’ve added 2 new variants. Squat & Deadlift Strength Standards. See below.


  • Squat Strength Test: Record Weight Lifted.
  • Deadlift Strength Test: Record Weight Lifted.
  • Pull Up Strength Test: Record Reps Completed.
  • 5 Min ski @ as quick as possible. Record distance.
  • Box Bear Crawl ~ 1mins per side. Record as many times round with perfect form.
  • Dead Hang Hold ~ 2 mins OR pull-ups. Record total hang time.
  • Push Up Test ~ 2 mins. Record reps.
  • Goblet Squat ~ 75% of weight @ 2 mins. Record reps.
  • Sled Push @ 50% weight. 2 mins. Record length.


With our strength tests it’s really important to take adequate rest to recover between. The goal isn’t to race through it. Rest 1-3 minutes between warm up sets. Rest 2-4 mins before your 10 rep max top set.

Order of exercises should be either squat – pull ups – deadlift OR deadlift – pull ups – squats.

If you do not feel comfortable using a barbell then you can skip the Squat and Deadlift test. Pull Ups are challenging and you may not be able to complete one rep. Do not worry about this.


Goal10 Rep Max
StandardsTo Bench or 90º Knee Bend

Strength Standards

Tier 175-89kg32kg x 10 (Goblet)
Tier 290-119kg50-70kg
Tier 3120kg+70kg+


Goal10 Rep Max
ToolBarbell Or Hex Bar
StandardsFull Extension with Neutral Spine Throughout

Strength Standards

Tier 170-100kg50-70kg
Tier 2100-140kg71-100kg
Tier 3140kg+101kg+

Pull Up

GoalMax Effort
ToolNeutral Grip
StandardsStraight Arm Hang to Chest to Bar

Strength Standards

Tier 19-131-3
Tier 214-194-9
Tier 320+10+

Muscle Endurance

Rest around 5 mins + before you move from strength tests to muscle endurance tests. If you are not completing the strength tests you can move straight into our muscle endurance tests.

Each of these 4 exercises will last 2 minutes.


GoalActive Hang for 2 minutes
ToolSquat Rack
StandardsStraight arm hang, chest tall.
Tier 11:00+0:45+
Tier 21:30+1:15+
Tier 32:001:45+

Goblet Squat

GoalSquat for 2 minutes with perfect form.
ToolKettlebells. Goblet or Double Front Rack Position
StandardsElbows tight and drop between knees at the bottom of the movement. Squat to parallel.
Tier 116kg x 308kg x 30
Tier 224kg x 3016kg x 30
Tier 336kg x 3024kg x 30

Press Ups

GoalPress Up off feet with full depth. Chest to floor for maximum reps over 2 minutes.
StandardsStraight body (with knees on floor). No sag in the hips. Chest to floor.
Tier 130+15-21
Tier 250+22-34
Tier 375+35+

Bear Crawl

GoalTable position work clockwise and anti clockwise in stable position for 1 min per side.
ToolBodyweight and cone.
StandardsKnees under hips. Weight on hands. Hips slightly lower than shoulders. Work in a square motion around the cones. 1 min per side.
Tier 12 + 22 + 2
Tier 24 + 44 + 4
Tier 37 + 77 + 7

Aerobic Capacity

Ski Erg

GoalMaximum metres over 5 minutes.
ToolSki Erg.
StandardsStart tall, maximum reach up and drive past the handles past your knees in a hinged position before resetting and pulling again.
Tier 1700-900m600-800m
Tier 2901 – 1300m800-1199m
Tier 31400m+1200m+

When completing the tests it may take longer than an hour. Do not rush. The goal is to see where you’re at and what we need to do to help our members with our workouts to promote ‘weaker’ scores across the board.

Here’s the order that’s most beneficial.

  1. Strength tests ~ 15-20 minutes
  2. Muscle Endurance test ~ 30 minutes
  3. Ski erg 5 min ~ 5 minutes
  4. Do not rush the movement

Take your time, do not rush and just enjoy.

What happens with the scores?

Once the workouts have been completed and your scores have been written on the whiteboard, we will then upload them to our Google Sheet for you to view and compare against previous play offs.

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